Shrimp Tacos

two and a half pounds shrimp
fucketonne garlic
five medium hotte green peppers
one fucken hotte habanero pepper
shittetonne chopped cilantro
one cup dry white wine
hugeasse splash corenwijn (or bourbon or rye)
juice of one lime
olive oil
salt to taste
tortillas (our usual is Nixtamal)
savoy cabbage
queso fresco

Peel, clean, and halve the shrimp if they are big. These are jumbos.

Stem, seed, and dice the peppers. I only used half of the habanero, but it could have taken the whole thing if you like it really fucken hotte.

Sautee the garlic (large dice) and peppers in a generous amount of olive oil, until the garlic is turning golden.

Add the shrimp, turn up the heat, and sautee until they are cooked on the outside. Add the corenwijn (and take a bigge fucken swigge for yourself!) and wine, and continue to cook for a few minutes until the alcohol is burned off and the shrimps are done. At this point you have a delicious shrimp dish, that you can serve in tacos (as we did) or on pasta or rice.

If you are serving in tacos, remove the shrimp from the sauce, add a nice splash of milk or cream as thickener, and reduce it down quite a bit, put the shrimp back in, add the cilantro and lime juice, cook for just about one minute to reheat the shrimp, and then you’re done. If you are serving on pasta or rice, then just add the cilantro and lime juice without reducing, cook for one minute to soften the cilantro, and then it’s ready.

Heat the tortillas, put some cabbage on them, then the shrimp.

Then garnish with the avocado, queso fresco, cilantro, and squeezes of lime. This shitte was fucken delicious, and made the hideous fucken Yanks loss last night easier to take.

Constitutional Law

Roberts went along with upholding the health care law because he knows that to have overturned it 5-4 would so severely have discredited the Supreme Court that it would have interfered with his ability to obtain policy goals that really matter to the plutocrats he serves (who really don’t give the slightest flying fucke about the health care law per se).

Grammar Oddity

Here is a teevee ad with Derek Jeter selling some fucken car:

When he says the following, the second sentence sounds grammatically wrong to me, as if it refers incorrectly to the antecedent of the first sentence:

Everything looks good in pinstripes. So can you.

Is this because “you” is referring back to “everything”, but “you” is a person and “everything” excludes people? Any grammar experts got any ideas? Am I fucken high?

Greed and Fate

We are a country of entitled greedy selfish whining pigs with no sense of shared responsibility for our common fate. This is exactly what the Republican Party has been aiming for with decades of propaganda designed to divide natural allies and convince people that *their* needs and desires are legitimate purposes of government, but those *other* people’s needs and desires are illegitimate, and it looks like they’ve finally succeeded. Now that all the 99%er rabble are at each others’ throats, the plutocrats can finish sucking the life out of our economy.