Greed and Fate

We are a country of entitled greedy selfish whining pigs with no sense of shared responsibility for our common fate. This is exactly what the Republican Party has been aiming for with decades of propaganda designed to divide natural allies and convince people that *their* needs and desires are legitimate purposes of government, but those *other* people’s needs and desires are illegitimate, and it looks like they’ve finally succeeded. Now that all the 99%er rabble are at each others’ throats, the plutocrats can finish sucking the life out of our economy.


  1. pipenta says

    Yeah. Sadly…

    After years of pulling my hair and going WHY WHY WHY, I find myself drawn to learning about animal behavior and primate behavior in particular. Lately, I’ve been watching Robert Sapolsky lectures on YouTube. I don’t know if what I am learning is going to prove helpful or not. But I’m hoping examining these things, academically, like a biologist, will make them more bearable. I want distance enough to not feel it like a physical pain when people behave so stupidly, doing harm to others and the world and to future generations. It is getting so bad that I don’t even want to look any more. But I don’t want to be the see/hear/speak-no-evil monkey. Better to be the ape with the clipboard who is taking notes.

    Baboons don’t depress me. They are just animals doing what they do. Of course, I don’t think I would enjoy life as a baboon one little bit. And there are days when It’s not such a walk in the park being human either.

  2. fuckesatonne says

    Right on, CPP.

    What we need is more people who are as aware as CPP — more really, really, REALLY angry people to demand change. It won’t be pretty, but working within the limits (voting Dem, donating money to Dems, volunteering for Dems) doesn’t work anymore. It will be demonstrations, riots, anger on a massive scale that will finally turn things around.

    It will happen eventually, because this rate of massive kleptomania by the 1%, and consequent suffering by everyone else, is just not sustainable. The question is when, not if, and the answer is better sooner than later.

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