1. gingerest says

    I don’t quite get it. Is it the same plane? How is it hanging in two different orientations?

  2. blindrobin says

    Them damn risk managers and their attractive nuisances. It’s likely that some actuary derived a statistically significant risk of damages with regards to such presumably kinetic art being displayed at that location, if it is indeed an actual installation.
    Protecting the art and the cognitively challenged from one another becomes a matter of mitigating the cost of the probable resultant damage, and more significantly the litigation, not doing so would entail. Hence we cannot have nice things on public display because stupid people to stupid things and get to blame the rest of society for not protecting them form themselves.

  3. Stork says

    Hahahaha. Idiot New Yorkers need a fence to keep them from getting hurt by art. Hahahahah.

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