Fucke This Shitte!

This new trend of making meatball sangwiches out of a weird patty-shaped meatloaf on a round bun is a fucken abomination. Just stoppe itte! This is a motherfucken meatball sangwich:




  1. says

    “a weird patty-shaped meatloaf on a round bun is a fucken abomination”

    I don’t know whether it’s an abomination, but it sounds like a fuckin hamburger with marinara sauce to me!

    Why the ruckus? If it’s a patty and not balls, then it’s not even a fuckin meatball sandwich to begin with!


  2. blindrobin says

    Agreed. Though I have never seen an example of the abomination which you described.

  3. The Bobs says

    If it’s not toasted with lots of melting, bubbly, cheese on top. it isn’t a meatball sandwich.

    Not toasting it means that the marinara will sog out the bread and ruin the sandwich. Stick it under the broiler.

  4. The Rose says

    When is a meatball no longer a meatball?
    There’s this great pizza place here, in San José (Slice of NY) that has meatballs on their pizza. So I got a pizza with some meatballs and when I got the pizza I was all like, where’s the meatballs? There WAS meatballs on it…shredded. Yeah, shreds of meatballs? I believe the Pastafarian scriptures are clear on this matter.

  5. physioprof says

    Meatballs go great on pizza, but they must be placed on the pie as slices, not fucken shreds.

  6. says

    My Italian-immigrant grandmother always pronounced it “sangwich.” Thank you for a wonderful memory of her.

  7. The Rose says

    btw?: that the mondayfriday hell is what mondayfriday sangwich doning on the mondayfriday bathroom floor>!!!11!!1!!???

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