Cool Tribute to Donna Summer

At the Yankees-Reds seventh-inning stretch last night, instead of playing the usual horrible Kate Smith rendition of God Bless America, they played a recording of Donna Summer doing it. (And yeah, it disgusts me that they play this fucken jingoistic jeezus freak shitte at ball games in the first place, but whaddya gonna do?)

Fucken WordPress

Can someone explain to me why all of a sudden the “Follow comments on this post by e-mail” checkbox is now default populated on every WordPress blogge that I comment on, and I have to fucken uncheck the goddamn motherfucken box exery time I leave a comment, and if I forget to uncheck it I get a bunch of motherfucken e-mails from WordPress telling me that some fuckeasse commented on that post?

Can I make this stop happening, and default to being unchecked????


It was absolutely fine that Hamills plunked Harper. And then Harper punished him by scoring that inning. And then the Nats’ pitcher plunked a Phillie later in the game. It’s all part of the game behind the game that adds to the romance and interest of baseball.

But dude, they are called “unwritten rules” for a reason! Hamills deserves the suspension just for being so fucken stupid as to admit that he plunked the motherfucker because he is a young whippersnapper who needed to be taken down a notch and initiated into the hierarchy.

Purple Thingie Revealed

What the fucke is this purple thingie??? People homed in on the correct answer extremely quickly, and even taught *me* a few things about it I didn’t know.

The first to correctly guess that it is a surveillance trap for emerald ash borers was commenter chezjake.

It is hung on an ash tree and is colored purple based on empirical tests of what color attracts the most emerald ash borers. It also has some volatile chemical compounds in it derived from ash trees that further attract the borers inside, where they get stuck in some sticky shitte. The dude in the Park who I asked about it told me that ash borers have been collected as far east as Eastern Pennsylvania, and they want to know as soon as they reach Central Park.

Dunno about the accuracy of this, but he also said that the problem for the trees isn’t so much the damage they do directly (I presume by boring into the trees), but because they are the vector for a tree virus thatte fuckes the trees uppe bigtime.

Anyway, chezjake wins the prize, which is that he or she gets to ask me any question, and I will answer it in a blogge post. And, DUH, I’m not gonna give any details about myself that would make it substantially easier to determine who I am in real life (to the extent that there remains any doubt, anyway).