Comment Spam Poetry

Something about this comment spam was really very lyrically appealing to me:

Howdy are using WordPress on your web site program? Iam new to the blog globe however. Iam hoping to get began and set up my own. Furthermore, i heard about Drupal is ok. Sees my selection…. Educational publish, thank you.


  1. blindrobin says

    Ah, a grammatical squatters shack, beautiful in it’s fragility and born from need and base desire. Indeed.

  2. =8)-DX says

    I love me some spam poetry. Here’s some of I’ve received:

    Youth, that this universe is under my sway.’ seeing, overheard
    him talking to miss dutton about the thus baffled, vrihatkshatra,
    o bharata, pierced her waist, and her shoulders. And there
    she lay with dread. For controlling these men, the selfborn
    comfort in those i went away confounded by the at their
    head, and bhurisrava, and somadatta, mlechecha armies one
    after vaisampayana said, she comes, i won’t see hershan’t
    begin by nursing henry warner’s merry jokes had called forth
    more the stage spellbound, to the hotel door with the and
    which was filled with carbonic acid gas, an voice choked
    with tears and drawing deep breaths, a mighty river filled
    with fresh golden lotuses. Hither, a damsel decked in a
    necklace of gold?.

    So fragrant and oriental. OK one more:

    Life was better when i was younger, and with this secret potion, life seems young again.

  3. Loquaxe says

    I don’t know who the pros are. Never met them. But I think you can compete with anyone, Cutefish.

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