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Is the idea of this commercial that the music is so fucken horrible that the only way to tolerate it is to imagine you are on the beach instead of a shitty claustrophobic nightclub listening to the terrible fake band? Because otherwise I am not getting it.

Why? » « Luck


  1. Gnumann says

    My interpretation is that people who like shit music also might enjoy beer without taste.

  2. David says

    people who can’t stand the solitude of a beach and the beautiful sound of waves on sand seek to drown the pain of their souls in beer and fill their heads with noise.

  3. Desert Son, OM says

    My interpretation: no matter where you are, and what you like to do, when you have a Cerveza Corona, wherever you are and whatever you do is the equivalent emotionally satisfying experience as being at the beach, because being at the beach is an experience long considered supremely satisfying and desirable in popular culture depictions and certain prevalent (though not necessarily majority) cultural assumptions, regardless of how you as an individual might feel about beaches and their contexts. Available wherever package liquors are sold. Must be 21 years of age to purchase. Please enjoy Cerveza Corona responsibly. Imported from Mexico by [Insert Name of Alcohol Importer Here].

    Still learning,


  4. says

    Gnumann might be on to something.

    I’ve never liked ANY Corona commercials. Until a few years ago, all the Corona commercials showed people getting skin cancer and acting comatose; since then they’ve started to move, but only a little. The people in this commercial look all grey, and their movements are slow, clumsy and grotesque. Maybe they’ve all died of skin cancer and returned as Corona-swilling zombies.

    My desire to drink corona: still very low.

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