Is this dude extraordinarily lucky, or extraordinarily unlucky?

A man plunged at least 180 feet over Niagara Falls and survived, becoming only the fourth person known to have gone over without a safety device and live.

Niagara Parks Police say witnesses reported seeing the man climb over a railing at 10:20 a.m. Monday and “deliberately jump” into the Niagara River 20 to 30 feet above the Horseshoe Falls. Authorities believe it was a failed suicide attempt, according to CBS affiliate WIVB in Buffalo, N.Y.


  1. embertine says

    Ha, I know what you mean. Last year I got hit by a truck and lots of people told me I was lucky because I wasn’t badly injured. I put it to them that, had I really been lucky, I would probably not have been hit by a truck in the first place.

  2. anon says

    Unlucky that he found himself in a situation that compelled him to throw himself into the falls, seeing no other option. This sort of thing makes me sad, and I hope he gets help. Lucky that he failed to kill himself, and he’s still around for others to convince him of other options. I hope things get better for him.

  3. Anon says

    I’m going to be positive and go with lucky – He now has a chance to make changes and live a better life. Hopefully he’ll see the whole ordeal as a second chance.

  4. StevoR says

    Bit of both really.

    Lucky to survive, unlucky to be feeling suicidal.

    Hope he recovers and this becoems a turning point that saves his life in more ways than one.

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