1. F says

    He’s been showing up in odd places over the past few years, including Two and a Half Men. He certainly plays the part of irritating asshole very well.

  2. Kevin says

    Who ever said that a rock-and-roll singer had to be above financial considerations, like cashing in on notoriety?

    Seriously, you think he was just in it for the chords? For the deep existential message of Love In An Elevator?

    As I understand it, Tyler himself stated that the only reason he got into music was because it was the only way a butt-ugly guy like him could get laid.

    I think you have some weird ideas about musicians.

  3. StevoR says

    Musicians are human and as such flawed, paradoxical and fallible as the rest of us.

  4. physioprof says

    Just to be clear: I don’t think it’s *terrible* that he did this. I am just surprised because I figured he’s already an absurdly richeasse motherfucker, and it’s not like it was fun or something.

  5. says

    Growing up in the the 1960s and 70s, Rock stars were expected to be above it all. Doing commercials was considered selling out.

    Today, musicians don’t make as much money off of music sales as they used to, and the public is much more willing to accept an artist selling their music to advertisers. The days of the aloof “rock god” are long gone.

    So for people like me, it is a surprise to see Steven Tyler selling burgers. I guess for younger people, it isn’t a big deal.

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