Orthodox Jews Join The Catholic Church In Protecting Child Sex Abusers

These orthodox fuckers–like all religious fuckes–are scum:


Religion is among the worst human impulses, up there with war, rape, murder, torture, and genocide.


  1. slc1 says

    Ir was about time for Bloomberg to get off his fucken ass and call the DA out on his secrecy.

  2. No Light says

    It gets worse though. In these communities there’s a prohibition on mesira, informing the secular authorities of the crimes of a fellow Jew.

    Families of raped children are not met with support and love, but with threats, shunning, and violence.

    Abused children and their siblings are often thrown out of school, not able to find a matchmaker that will help find them a spouse, In a society where life revolves almost solely on marrying early and having as many children as possible. inability to get a match is social death. Suicide is distressingly common.

    I’m glad the lid is finally being blown off this boiling pot of filth. Too many kinderlach are being hurt.

    Americans are incredibly fond of shrieking “OMG! SHARIA LAW! EVIL MUSLIMS!!!” on the basis that parallel legal systems are a bad. thing. Funny then , that nobody is complaining about Orthodox batei dinim who protect rapists and paedophiles. Cardinal law seemed immune from criticism too, until fairly recently.

    A group of orthodox rabbis are holding a (men only, natch ) rally at Citgfield this month, Not against child abuse, but against the evils of the internet. Attendance is mandatory for men with children in certain schools.

    Can’t think why they’d be against the internet… Well, apart from the fact that it lets followers realise that their twisted cult is ‘bull fucken shitte ‘, and gives them the tools to help them escape.

    Credit for exposing a lot of this goes to Shmarya Rosenberg at failedmessiah.com. He is a hero.

  3. says

    This is just the latest insanity to come out of that community. I am not sure who said that religion is like a virus first, but she/he was right on!

  4. No Light says

    reasonbeing – sadly this is the tip of the iceberg. Go to failedmessiah.com and type “herpes” into the search box.

    I’ll wait here with the brain bleach. you’ll need. You’ll see why I’m atheist now.

  5. ik says

    Unfortuantely, I suspect that these people are going to defend themselves not only with general claims of religious freedom but also with the distressingly common claim of antisemitism. The secular community needs to come up with a response to that sort of thing. It’s a real problem especially given the amount of actual antisemitism/whatever in the world.

  6. No Light says

    Oh look, an apologist for child rape.

    Fuck off Chebag. Jewish children are. being raped and beaten, preyed on in mikvaot, yeshivot, and at home.

    Babies are dying, becoming brain-damaged, and infected for life because of metzitzah b’peh. Parents block medical investigations into the deaths of their own babies.

    They can get away with it by screaming “ANTI-SEMITISM! BLOOD LIBEL!” and the authorities back off. Children ave being destroyed, maimed, raped and killed, but who cares eh? Image is everything.

    Exposing the truth is not anti-Semitic, it’s pro-justice. Anyone trying to suppress that truth, and therefore allow child’sb to be targeted without hope of help, deserves to drown in their own shit for being such a shoteh.

    Read these-



  7. No Light says

    Ignore the spelling errors, so many.

    Commenting with a phone, while my eyes are blurred with tears of rage, leads to that.

    Knowing that scum and perverts can sleep soundly in their beds, knowing they can rely on klal yisroel, to imply that bigoted persecution has led to accusations, deflecting the blame at victims and their advocates, it makes me scream.

    If someone doesn’t keep shabbes, eats treif, or wears denim, they’re treated like filth. Someone fucks kids, sickens newborns, or rapes women? No. biggy. The accusers are damaged, or self-hating Jews trying to slander an ehrliche yid

    That’s why people are leaving in droves. Even though we were taught that non-Jews were beasts without souls, who only existed to serve us when Moshiach came, we gritted our teeth and ran into their world anyway. Once there we found out we’d been deceived from the cradle. The hardest thing for any of us was leaving behind our siblings, especially when there are commonly ten or even fifteen of them. That’s why we fight to expose the evil lurking in our former communities, for those still trapped there.

  8. quoderatdemonstrandum says

    No Light, thank you for your insiders insight. I had no idea. I am fascinated and worried about the concept of “mesira”. Can you tell us more or point to resources?

    What I do know, is that, unsurprisingly, Ultra Orthodox Rabbis are following the Vatican’s playbook on clerical paedophiles: 1) Cover up for the paedophiles 2) intimidate victims 3) refuse to report allegations to civil authorities 4) insist that child abuse is an “internal matter” to be dealt with by religious law.

    What is overlooked in all these clerical paedophile cases is that clerics of all religions believe that their “higher law” supersedes civil and criminal law. They honestly think that they are “above the law”. Particularly in the US political climate today they are asserting that the first Amendment means the law does not apply to them.

    A country where clerics have legal impunity is fucked.

  9. No Light says

    QED – failedmessiah.com, Shmarya Rosenberg’s site, is invaluable.


    Not only are there reports about what’s going on in the ultra orthodox world, there’s a comment section under each article. In the comments you get to see tortured apologetic screeds for everything from vehicular homicide to rape.

    That’s arguably the real value of the site, commenters with zero self-awareness illustrating beautifully what cult life does to the brain.

    There are sane commenters who attempt to disabuse the. “chosen” of the notion that secular life is non-stop crack cocaine, STIs and murder, but they rarely succeed!

    Word of warning – racism, homophobia and sexism is rampant in the comments. The racist and homophobic sentiments expressed by certain posters, make Westboro Baptist Church look PC.

  10. says

    no light- that sounds so much like FLDS polygamist abuse of women and children. I am always happy that these things get exposed to the public and can perhaps be stopped. Your information is really valuable and I will check out the messiah website for sure.


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