1. Pierce R. Butler says

    It’s the initial scout for an alien invasion.

    I for one welcome our new purple thingie overlords.

  2. Coragyps says

    This part of Texas is blanketed with boll weevil traps, which are similar to the moth traps Sisu links to. These look like a small green bouy, and sit on a dowel (as we have no trees to hang them from….)

  3. jamessweet says

    My guess was some sort of sky lantern, but it sounds like those who are leaning towards some type of insect trap are probably on better footing.

  4. chezjake says

    I suspect that it’s a detector (not a trap) for the emerald ash borer.

  5. Brian Ogilvie says

    Darn! Chezjake beat me to the punch. Emerald Ash Borer trap. I don’t think there’s a detector/trap distinction here because it detects them by trapping them in glue.

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