Why Blogge?

Nicole and Maggie today raise the perennial–but still quite interesting–question of why one would choose to blogge.

I started bloggeing because I was steadily commenting on some academic science and political blogges starting in 2007, and three things happened. First, DrugMonkey asked me to become a co-blogger on his WordPress blogge, and in order to do so, I had to sign up for a WordPress account. Second, Driftglass lifted one of my comments to his blogge and published it as a post. Third, Driftglass and his commenters hectored me to start bloggeing on my own–pushing me out of the nest, as they put it. Since I already had signed up for a WordPress blogge, I just started bloggeing on it.

I keep bloggeing because I am a performer at heart, and I love having an influence on what people think and do. I also love mentoring, and from an academia/science standpoint, a lot of my bloggeing and commenting is of a mentoring nature. I even enjoy it immensely when dumshittes come to my blogge and leave comments telling me how much it suckes complete total asse and is a disgrace to bloggeing or whatever–like these recent dumshittes–because despite their protestations, it means I’m inside their heads.


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