Profgrrrrl shared a dream she had the other night. It is pretty fun to hear about other people’s dreams, so here is one of mine that I had this week:

I dreamt that I was a king and I was putting on these giant king earrings and finger rings before meeting with my subjects. They were hugeasse earrings with colored gems, and they were so huge that my attendants had to help me put them in my ears.

Feel free to weigh in with your recent dreams in the comments.


  1. geeka says

    I had a dream that one of our software engineers decided to codename all of our projects after local strip clubs, and I was yelling at him that it was inappropriate.

  2. says

    I often have saving the world dreams (they tend to be very cinematic). Last night I was a teenager and my mother and grandmother were adventurers and my (missing) father was a confidence artist. I can’t remember how I saved the world, but I did. You’re welcome. :)

  3. Katiesci says

    I had a dream that a stranger came into my kitchen and stabbed me in the front of my neck with one of my knives. I died. That was a first in a dream.

    On a related note, next week is finals week and my comprehensive exams start in a month. Stress dreams suck.

  4. superfragilistika says

    My youngest woke me up this 5 a.m. with what she called a lousy dream. She was screaming and crying and shouting: “No, no, no, that’s mine…” I said: Chloe, what’s up!. It took me almost half an hour to stop her and have her explaining: “She is coming to live nearby…. she will kidnap my favored toy…That’s mine, that’s mine…!. Apparently, in her nightmare, she thought her distant cousin from Australia was coming to live nearby. My daughter doesn’t like her at all because “cousin always steal her preferred toy and that is only mine”. I tried to comfort her and reassure her that cousin Elie is nice and has lots of toys on her own and she won’t take anything from her. “Yes mom, she has many toys but she only wants that one of mine”… I couldn’t stop her crying and tried a different logic: Ok honey, don’t you remember that conversation we had some weeks ago about being able to share everything with family, friends and, at times, people in need?. Wow, that was the end. That totally exacerbated her anger: “Screw you Mom, sharing YES but not that one. That’s mine and only mine”. She ran away, forced the back door to go out and husband had to intervene.

    I am so busy and overwhelmed with things that can’t even figure out what’s that “special and only mine” toy of her. Screw you baby and screw also cousin Elie. I need to sleep.

  5. flavia says

    Hope your daughter overcame her attachment to that special toy. Boy, boy children sometimes behave in strange ways.

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