Goddaman Fucken Hell

I’m a rich fucker. Not superrich flying around in a goddamn fucken private jet or any shitte like that, but I don’t worry about money. And I am fucken eager to pay more taxes so we can live in a decent fucken country, and not some fucken third0world hellhole. So what the fucken fucke is uppe with the fucken gross greed of the other motherfuckers like me, who would sell their own fucken mothers into slavery to upgrade their goddamn fucken 300 series beemer into a 400 series.


  1. gingerest says

    Didn’t there used to be a line at the bottom of the 1040 where you could give the government more money? Or am I just bananas?

  2. says

    re: giving more on your taxes voluntarily.

    Guess how much is fucking military spending? CPP said he wants to pay more taxes so there isn’t as much 3rd world shit going down, not to kill more poor people somewhere else.

  3. says

    I’m a proud BMW owner (106,000 miles and just getting broken-in). I worked damned hard for that vehicle. It gets 30 miles to the gallon highway, and has since I got it. It drives like a dream, corners magnificently, plays nice in the rain, and the engine noise smooths out when it hits 80 mph (the normal cruising speed on New Jersey freeways).

    But aside from your BMW-bigotry, I agree with the rest of your rant.

    I actually like paying taxes. Because I like nice roads to drive my BMW on. I want good schools (even though I don’t have any kids that attend them). I want well-trained and efficient air traffic controllers. I want the FDA to protect me from bad food and drugs. And on and on.

    I don’t over-pay taxes, however. Every year, I make a contribution to my personal retirement account rather than pay Uncle Sam that amount in taxes.

    I think the Rethuglicans heard the phrase “no taxation without representation” in 6th grade civics class and interpreted it to mean “no taxes”.

  4. ct says

    Mkay. Sounds like the rants I have on the way to work every day and on the way home, then I treat the DH with a rant about why one day I’m never ever driving again. the end.

  5. says

    They live in a fantasyland that’s a sickass cross between Disney and South Park. They’re overgrown spoiled children who don’t like being told “no,” think everything is “mine, mine, mine,” and have no concept of how much work and effort on the part of other people has gone into producing the McMansion-dwelling, Lincoln-driving (the fuckheads I know drive Lincolns), Morton’s-dining lifestyles they take for granted as what THEY created. Like, nobody else had anything to do with it, so why should they give away what they “earned”? Assholes.

  6. says

    We’re working on getting a millage passed here to deal with our shrinking population and aging schools. It’s a reasonably flush community, but full of selfish, nihilistic, libertarian douchebags who we have to fight to try to pass this thing.

    “I send my kid to private school”
    “I don’t have kids in the schools”
    “I don’t trust the school board”
    “It’s mine, you can’t have it”

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