What the fucken fucke is uppe with all these deranged right-wing fuckeuppes and their “Obama is an Alinskyite” gibberish? Seriously, who the fucke is Alinsky and why does he frighten the pig people so much? Is it because his name sounds all like he’s totally a dirty jew or something?

I’m a pretty hard-core liberal, and I’ve never even heard of the motherfucker until his name kept bring brought up in relation to Obama during the 2008 election.


  1. Evan Bettencourt says

    Yeah, pigs are pretty decent people.

    Also, oh fucken please. If Obama were an Alinskyite progressive then I’d actually support him.

    Saul Alinsky is kinda like the left-wing version of Lee Atwater, except Republicans actually fucken do what Atwater recommended.

  2. says

    Alinsky was actually one of the good guys, but his way of doing things was quite ideology-neutral. By all indication, Newt Gingrich is actually a big fan, though I doubt he’d ever admit it in public.

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