Radicchio And Smoked Mootz Risotto


one large radicchio, cored and rough chopped
one large garlic clove, finely diced
one half cup diced onion
one cup cubed smoked mootz
olive oil
salt and fresh-ground black pepper
one quart chicken stock diluted 1:1 to make two quarts broth
two cups arborio or carnaroli rice
half cup port
one cup dry red wine
half cup grated piave cheese (or other hard italian cheese)
one tablespoon fresh thyme leaves

Nothing like port, red wine, and motherfucken smoked mootz!

Sautee the garlic and radicchio on medium-high for a couple minutes until it is starting to wilt.

Add the fucken port and continue to sautee until the liquid is all gone and the radicchio has stopped exuding more liquid into the pan. This should take about ten to fifteen minutes, depending on how hot your pan is, and the radicchio should be pretty tender. Take the shitte out of the pot.

Sautee the garlic in olive oil until it is soft and golden.

Add the rice to the pan and continue to stir and sautee until the grains are all coated with oil and you can smell nice toasting rice.

Deglaze with the red wine, and allow to reduce until pretty much all the liquid is gone. Then start cooking the risotto in the usual way, ladling in simmering broth and stirring every minute or so.

When the rice is very very molto al dente, with a good bit of crunch in the center, add the radicchio and thyme, and continue to cook for a minute or so, until the rice is very molto al dente, and then turn off the heat.

Add the cubed mootz and the grated piave, stir well to incorporate, salt and black pepper to taste, and then cover and allow to rest for a few minutes. Just before you plate, you can add some more hot broth to loosen it up if you like it soupier.

Plate, grate, sprinkle, EAT THE MOTHERFUCKEFR!!!!!!!! This is a pretty close adaptation of a recipe from the book “Urban Italian”, by Andrew Carmellini.


  1. barbrykost says

    What are smoked mootz? All I get from Google is a person’s name. If this is indeed a cannibal recipe, how long do I smoke my Mootz?

  2. Chebag says

    Because pretentious foodies always have to throw in some obscure French cheese to appear sophisticated to each other.

  3. Ms Anthropy says

    @Chebag Oh, using an incredibly common cheese in a slightly less common method makes one a pretentious foodie? Go back to the dollar menu at McDonald’s, that should suit your tastes.

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