Mezze Rigatoni With Pink Clam And Sausage Sauce

half pound of mezze rigatoni
three cans “Snow”-brand chopped clams (“Bar Harbor” are shitte)
one can “Bookbinders” clam broth
one third pound Italian sausage
one small can crushed san marzanos
fuckeloade of diced garlic
three-fourths cup dry white wine
fresh-ground black pepper
pinch of thyme
crushed red pepper flakes
olive oil
shittetonne of chopped fresh basil
parmigiano reggiano or pecorino moliterno for grating

Sautee the garlic in oilve oil with thyme, red pepper, and black pepper, until the garlic is toasty golden brown. You want to do this slowly, but hot enough to develop a toasted garlic flavor, not just soften it.

Add the sausage after removing it from the casing and sautee until it is nicely browned, breaking it up well with your wooden spoon as you do so.

Deglaze with the white wine and burn off the EtOH.

Drain the liquid from the san marzanos as much as possible, jiggling them around in the strainer to really get out the liquid. (Otherwise, you are making red clam sauce, not pink.)

Add the juice from the clams–reserving the clams–and the can of clam broth and the tomatoes, and bring to a medium simmer, keeping the lid off.

When the sauce has reduced by about one third, add a nice handful of basil, stir and keep simmering while you boil the pasta in salty water until it is very molto al dente–still crunchy in the middle.

Sauce is done–reduced by about two thirds. Salt to taste.

Add a half to two thirds cup of the pasta water and the drained pasta to the sauce, stir well, and bring to a high simmer, cooking for about two or three minutes, until the pasta is molto al dente, stirring occasionally.


Shitte is fucken delicious, and goes very well with a nice dry Italian rose (which you could use to cook it)!


  1. jeremy says

    Fuck me, what a refreshing way of writing recipes. Jamie “The Shitte” Oliver look out!

  2. Oldfube says

    I made this last night. It was indeed delicious. The recipe did not say to add back the reserved clams, but I did when the pasta was done.
    For the fuckeloade of garlic I used 7 cloves, which seemed to work well. For the shittetonne of fresh basil I used most of a 4-oz package. Adding grated cheese did not seem necessary, so we didn’t.

    Thanks, Proffe.

  3. Oldfube says

    I forgot to mention that Coppolla ‘Sofia’ Rose from California accompanied the meal very micely.

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