Why The White Christian Pig People Are Going Off The Deep End

The white christian asshole pig people motherfuckers are going off the fucken deep end, because they know that it is only a matter of time before the niggers, spics, bitches, kikes, faggots, professors, towelheads, and other assorted undesirables are gonna take over this fucken country and kick their retrograde ignorant neoconfederate scum asses to the fucken curb. Rush Limbaugh himself is just a greedy rich pig with no convictions about anything at all other than stuffing his greedy rich fucken pig face with lucre, but he channels the id of the white christian d00d asshole motherfuckers that really feel the way that he speaks.


  1. MLR says

    One lesson I keep having to relearn is not to read youtube comments. While a lot of the comments are correctly pointing out why Rush is so horribly wrong, there are several along the lines of “I normally don’t agree with him, but he’s right – what a slut!”


    I mean, not only is there no evidence that Ms. Fluke is sexually promiscuous, but even if there were, or if she admitted to it, what’s the big fucking deal? Why does it matter at all? How does it suddenly invalidate her point? If she said 2+2=4, would it suddenly become wrong because she’s a slut? I guess I should never underestimate puritanical Americans and their disdain for women who might display even a hint of sexuality, but her talk wasn’t even about sex.

    It was about a woman who lost an ovary because she didn’t have access to affordable contraception.

    That was the point she was trying to make. And she’s a slut for that? I don’t even know where to begin…

  2. kraut says

    “That was the point she was trying to make. And she’s a slut for that? I don’t even know where to begin…”

    Like in: Rush is a fucking arsehole?

    The guy is a shill for himself. An idiot without clue, no obvious skills who is able to rake in millions by plastering his puke all over the US – and I am thinking they deserve it, because they are listening to him and financing his shows by making it attractive to companies to buy ad time.

  3. Stardust Philosopher says

    Rush thinks he’s the most clever fucker in the world for his amazing comment that links subsidized contraception with prostitution. “It makes her a slut, right!” What a witty connection, asshole. But, umm… guess what, Rush, you’re missing two things, (1) she was testifying for someone else, and (2) the topic wasn’t even about sex. Why a grown man completely misses these things is beyond me. Not that I needed to reiterate these things, but yes, physioprof, I can certainly understand your frustration.

  4. furtivezoog says

    Yeah, I would have to agree with the above posters who are defending actual pigs–intelligent, sensitive creatures. We need a non-animal model to compare these nastier examples of humanity to.

    (I’m partly going with the joke, of course, but as a fan of animals and biology in general, I’ve never understood the distaste people sometimes have with some animals, including pigs and–even!–dogs.)

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