White Christian Pig People, Free Contraception, and Paying For Other People’s Contraception

Rush Motherfucken Shittebagge Limbaugh and his degenerate christian white pigge people followers notwithstanding, this has nothing to do with “free” contraception or “paying for other people’s” contraception. What it has to do with is whether contraception is considered “preventative medical care”, just like a bunch of other shit that insurance companies are required to cover in their medical insurance policies that the policy-holders pay for, whether directly or as part of their compensation for the work they do as an employee of a company with a group policy.


  1. Phledge says

    You mean the US doesn’t have universal healthcare sponsored by the government? I HAVE TO PAY FOR HEALTH CARE?

    I cannot begin to comprehend how fucking willfully ignorant one has to be to not know how insurance works. That’s prolly a good thing.

  2. Chebag says

    Contraception is a lifestyle choice, not a “health” condition. Don’t like it, don’t have sex. I mean sure, I don’t like paying for the complications from your “pigge people” overrating bad food like those calorie laden risottos you insist on boring us with, but everyone *has* to eat. Sex is not obligatory. Which I’m certain most of the “freethinking” nerdweeb jackoffes around here know full well.

  3. anon says

    Chebag, you ignorant shit. Contraceptives for women are used for more than contraception. If you listened to Sandra Fluke’s testimony (and maybe even tried googling), you would know they are also used to treat serious life-threatening conditions such as endometriosis. There is never any discussion of viagra – which is used by men to have sex and is covered by insurance.

  4. says

    @Chebag, contraception is medicine. Whether or not a woman should use it is a medical choice between an individual and her doctor. The government doesn’t check that men getting viagra are straight and married and looking to have children. They prescribe it because a man who wants to have sex is having trouble doing so. This is something a man discusses with his doctor, not his senator. It is hypocritical to say that we trust a man with control over his reproductive abilities but not a woman.

    No one needs to smoke, drink, over eat, under exercise, ride a motorcycle, or do countless other activities that may result in needing medical care of some sort. The funny thing is that all those people who do risky things in their life, are driving up the cost of insurance, by getting hurt or sick more often. A person taking contraception is pushing down the cost of care because she is avoiding the immense expense of pregnancy and delivery and the even greater expense of insuring the resulting child.

    So, in short, covering contraception is both a small government approach. It is saying that medical decisions are between a patient and a doctor, and it’s a cost saving measure.

  5. Lauren says

    What bothers me most, besides how grotesquely uninformed he is, is that he goes on these tirades presumably due to the fact that (assumed) sexually promiscuous women are against his morals. What is not against his morals, however, is publicly denigrating someone, and paying for porn. It was that last comment that was especially disgusting and revealed just how little he values women.

    He is so gross.

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