The End of an Era

One of the best old-school speakeasies in NYC–around since Prohibition–called Bill’s Gay ’90s (the founder during Prohibition was apparently nostalgic for the Gay ’90s) is soon going to be closing its doors for the last time, at least at its current location. Some of my readers may be acquainted with the outstanding barkeep blogger Scribbler. Well, he has just revealed that he is one of the bartenders at Bill’s, and given the real-world circumstances, he is going to scale back on his bloggeing for now.

For those who are not so acquainted, you should go check out his blogge. It is chock full of awesome tales from behind the stick!


  1. says

    Thanks for the mention, Prof, especially since you were the one who talked me into blogging. Now make sure you stop in before the closing!

    Cheers, friend.

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