White Christian Pig People and Insurance

While the white christian pig people live in a world of delusional fantasy in which contraception causes teenage pregnancy, single motherhood, divorce, and abortion, insurance companies have to live in the world of reality, the world in which their predictions about how much they are going to have to pay out in claims are tested by what actually fucken happens in reality. And in this real world, health insurance companies want to be mandated to provide contraception in their insurance plans, because (1) they know that providing contraception to their policyholders is eleventeen kajillion fucketonnes cheaper than paying for childbirth (or abortion) and (2) they want to be able to tell the sicke fucke white christian pig people who are screaming about how contraception KILLZ BAYBEEZ that they have no choice but to provide it.


  1. anon says

    Are you saying, then, that you would have been one of the senators who voted in favor of the Blunt amendment based on this logic?

  2. leigh says

    those assholes really just want everyone everywhere to suffer as much as possible for disobeying their ancient book of rules.

    ironically, you don’t see the enforcers having seven kilofucketonnes of babeeezzz either. perhaps they just never get laid. i sure as fuck would not volunteer.

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