Tea Party Pig People and the National Debt

Stan Collender of Capital Gains and Games can’t figure out why the Tea Party Republicans are so concerned about the national debt and against additional borrowing when interest on rates on Treasury debt is lower than it has ever been, and real interest rates are such that purchasers of Treasury debt are actually paying the Federal Government to borrow their money:

[T]he real question is why government borrowing has been and continues to be such a political issue and why the tea partiers in the Republican Party continue to insist it’s the tool of the devil.

The answer is, of course, very simple. It is the culmination of the so-called “Southern Strategy” for GOP dominance. The “tea partiers”–who are nothing more nor less than the same exact white racist, misogynist, homophobic, nativist, christian pig people base of the GOP that has served as such since the “Dixiecrats” left the Democratic Party over desegregation and the Civil Rights Act–are convinced that this borrowing is going to pay for benefits to “parasites” and “moochers”: black and latino americans, jews, coastal elites, immigrants, muslims, homosexuals, democrats, and all the other non-white, non-christians they have been trained to despise for the last 40+ years.

Go read the Lee Atwater interview again, and the answer to Stan’s question is right there. “The national debt” is nothing more than the current version of the same old, same old code words since the pig people can’t say “nigger, nigger, nigger” anymore: “forced busing”, “states rights”, “freedom”, “liberty”, “government employees”, etc. The “tea partiers” are neo-Confederate pig people who long for the days when the power of white christian privilege was completely unquestioned and had no real challengers.


  1. nemothederv says

    Don’t forget about the Idahoan and Michigander survivalist types. They add to the tea bagging flavor especially when you consider the “Taxed Enough Already” mantra.

  2. Kevin says

    I got behind a beater car the other day with a HUGE “bumper sticker” that actually covered the entire right quadrant of the SUV’s lower panel — it said something like “Pissed Off Theist Clinging To My Religion And My Guns”.

    There was another bumper sticker — the left third was the Confederate battle flag and the slogan was “Now More Than Ever”.

    Let’s just say that I kept a safe distance.

  3. Art says

    A lot of this, as noted, is code for not giving brown and poor people money. But a good portion of the desire to see ‘those people’ suffer comes in the form of a desire to traumatize the nation so the poor and brown die off, flee, and/or prosper only by ‘accepting their rightful place’.

    Austerity and gutting government spending is functionally chopping the bottom out of the ship of state with the hope that the rats, and steerage class, will drown. The survivalist subset of the right wing figures they can cope with any disruptions and any inconveniences. Many brag about the guns and large stores of ammunition they hold. That any losses will be quickly made good in a society freed of parasites.

    This is the same sort of thinking that allowed absurdities like “burning the village to save it”. Some put a Biblical, second coming, gloss on this. The story of Apocalypse is a touchstone and all the story lines are about people who experience devastation but emerge purified after watching the unworthy fall.

    What gets missed is that the vast majority of the would-be Galts are nowhere near as independent and self-sufficient as they believe and people above them consider them parasites as well. Historically, revolutions seldom go as planned and ships sunk to exterminate rats tend to stay sunk.

  4. lordshipmayhem says

    I’m no Tea Partier – just the opposite, in fact – but the problem I have with debt is the more you borrow, the more you have to pay as “rent” on the money you’re borrowing. That’s money that really could be going toward better things like health care.

    Italy, Greece and the Province of Ontario are learning what happens when you borrow too much, regardless of the interest rate. The lenders have this nasty habit of regarding the borrowed funds as theirs, and expect you to (1) pay it back, and (2) pay interest until you do. If you run deficits year after year, it’s amazing how quickly that “interest” number climbs, even with the interest rate staying stable at a low level.

  5. gingerest says

    “the same exact white racist, misogynist, homophobic, nativist, christian pig people base”

    I love you.

  6. Stevarious says

    Link to Lee Atwater interview plz? Either Google has failed me or my Google-fu is weak.

  7. Aquaria says


    Stop being stupid.

    Our debt ratio is a fraction of those counries’ and the solution to ours will come when even the Republicans will quietly accept that the only way out is raise taxes on the rich. Maybe even to get us out of our military adventures overseas.

    Within a few short years, the problem will correct itself.

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