When To Submit Your First R01 (i.e., Hugeasse) Grant Application

When I got the asst prof jobbe offer I wanted, I called my close friend–who is now a Hughes investigator and full prof at Rockefeller–and told him about it. He was all like “Have you started writing your R01?” And I was all like “What the fucke are you talking about? I’m fucken drinking!” And he was all like “Get writing, motherfucker.”

So I submit the fucker before I even arrive at my asst prof jobbe. And it gets triaged. But it was *definitely* the right thing to have submitted then, and led to me getting my first R01 earlier than otherwise, even though I never even resubmitted the fucker.

This is for a number of reasons:

(1) Practice writing a grant.

(2) Feedback from the subfield study section on what they expect in a legit R01.

(3) Subfield study section knows I’m now a player.


  1. anon says

    I found that applying right out of the starting gate in a new tt position ended up being a fuckin waste of time. It’s possible you applied right before NIH support for new faculty took a cliff dive, when things really started to tighten up, and you were able to be admitted to the club. It’s not like that anymore. If I had to do that again, I’d tell the sr faculty to fuck off and let me get sufficient data to submit a meaningful grant application. It is especially important now, since we are only allowed two submissions. The belief that study sections give jr faculty a break with respect to preliminary data in a grant proposal is bullshit. Even if we are competing against other ESI’s or new investigators (as opposed to established club members), those who have a body of data to support their proposal are more likely to come out ahead.

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