Some of my closest friends in life–for whom I would lay down my life if necessary and vice versa–I neither speak to, e-mail, nor see for years at a time. But when I do see them, it’s like we were never apart. Friendships forged years and years ago do not necessarily require regular contact, because true friends live inside of each of us; they *are* a part of us.


  1. says

    Yeah, just like God!

    I’m gonna re-read that chili recipe. i may make a batch of that and a batch of pablum for mrspal and MIL

  2. physioprof says

    Dude, thatte fucken chili is fucken baddeasse. I made it for the PhysioInlaws a couple weeks ago, and they almost came to blows over rights to the last bowl.

  3. physioprof says

    And make sure you put plenty of fucken rye (or bourbon) in there. And if you like it spicy, jack uppe the fucken number of arbol chiles and leave the seeds in them.

  4. DrugMonkey says

    Just so we’re clear….when you get on the wrong side of some RedSox fans, you’re on your own.

  5. says

    Fucke, yea!

    This is a perfect description of my two closest friends, known from kindergarten. Although we’ve drifted apart at times, after 30-some odd years we know that we will do (and have done) anything for each other.

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