1. Change says

    Long time lurker here. Taking a shot at it.

    [Jaan Pehechaan Ho…]
    Let’s get to know each other.
    Let’s make our lives easy

    [Dil ko churaane walon..]
    The one who stole my heart
    Don’t avert your eyes (don’t be shy)
    Tell me your name

    [Aaj ki yeh shaam javaan…]
    This evening is still young
    Let it not pass you/us by
    It won’t come back if you ask for it later/again

    [Bolo yeh na bolo tum…]
    Whether you say it out or not,
    The signal’s been clear.
    My heart’s been struck right through.

    [Chup chup dekha dekhi…]
    This furtive exchange of glances is driving me crazy.
    Let’s settle this once and for all.

    My Hindi is sort of rusty. If someone can translate it better, that’s be great.

  2. RealityBasedSteve says

    I want to say that I’ve heard this one before, I’m thinking that it’s in Kill Bill. (maybe the nightclub scene)? The computer that has most of my MP3’s is sitting in pieces getting upgraded, so I can’t check. I KNOW it was part of soundtrack for some flix I liked.

    Hope this helps,


  3. indian says

    Good translation Change – right on!
    i’m assuming this came from watching the heineken ad?

  4. says

    RealityBasedSteve- yeah, apparently the scene in Kill Bill where she is in the restaurant/nightclub type place is based on this- all the people she’s fighting are wearing masks and black suits, and she is of course wearing yellow.

  5. says

    Did old asian fuckes in the 50’s all have a vitamin deficiency? Fuckken St Vitus dance or something? Is the dance floor a giant fucken rat pain chamber with current flowing through the wood?

    What a bunch of fucken shitte

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