Disgraceful Stigmatism Of The Mentally Ill

During the run-up to the 2008 national elections, I stupidly signed up for some kind of Democratic National Committee newletter, and now get shitte tonnes of spam e-mail from a bunch of Democratic politicians. Yesterday I received an e-mail from former Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson, who is lauded in some circles for his willingness to “play tough” with Republican scum.

The e-mail–entitled “Iowa: Hand Out The Prozac”–was purporting to “analyze” the results of the Iowa Republican caucuses, by claiming that the Republican voters of Iowa are mentally ill “manic depressives”.

All of those manic depressives, about a third of the vote, were forced to choose among Romney, Santorum, Paul, Gingrich, Perry, Bachmann, Cain and Huntsman.

* * *

I don’t know why this would surprise anyone. Roughly 10% of the population of the United States is on anti-depressants. And only 4% of the population of Iowa actually voted in the 2012 Republican caucuses. Just who did you think those 4% were?

He then went on to make analogies of the Republican voters who chose a given candidate to particular psychiatric disorders.

So now I understand it. Romney won the paranoid vote, everyone who thinks that the brown people are trying to steal all their stuff. Why? Because no one is more white than Mitt Romney. As I said earlier today, it’s as though Romney is on a strict diet of sour cream and cottage cheese, small curds only.

Perry and Bachmann split the schizophrenic vote, all the people who hear a voice in their head, and think that it’s God. Because Perry and Bachmann can listen to the radio whenever they want to, even when it’s turned off.

Ron Paul got the obsessive-compulsive vote, the folks who think that America is like some kind of mechanical wind-up toy, and the Articles of the Constitution are the gears.

And Santorum ended up with the manic-depressive vote. Maybe because they like the way that Santorum cries in public. Boehner was their second choice.

This is absolutely despicable shaming and stigmatizing of people with real mental illnesses. I am sure that the Republican voters of Iowa are no more or less likely to have genuine mental illnesses than the overall population. The issue with the Republican base in Iowa–and all over the United States–isn’t that they are mentally ill, but rather that they are pigge-ignorant greedy racist misogynist homophobic jeezus freak scumbagges who are dragging this country into the fucken gutter.


  1. says

    I’m Canadian and mentally ill. Even if I could, I wouldn’t vote for any of the Republicans, and I sure as hell wouldn’t vote for Grayson. I have my own bad choices to make here.

  2. says

    Labeling people as mentally ill is a time-honored way of shutting up people you don’t agree with. I don’t agree with the supporters of those candidates, but I don’t think they have their views because they’re mentally ill. Grayson should have the balls to say why he thinks their views are stupid without just saying, “Oh, I bet they’re mentally ill, cuz you know how those crazy people are – can’t trust ’em to make a single choice right!”

    Also, how ignorant is Grayson about what mental illness actually is? People who are mentally ill aren’t all out of touch with reality. Not even a majority. If we were, a much higher percentage of us would be in hospitals and mental institutions. But we’re not. We’re not just in Iowa. We’re everywhere, and Grayson himself knows people with mental illness, even if he doesn’t know that.

    And the idea that being mentally ill makes you a bad person is bullshit. You have an illness. You treat it. Same as a diabetic.

    Oh, and fun fact, Grayson: Manic-depressives don’t take anti-depressants. Anti-depressants make manic-depression WORSE. As if we needed more proof of how little you know about mental illness.

  3. chigau (同じ) says

    I wonder that it did not occur to Grayson that some of the people receiving the email might fall into those categories.

  4. DrugMonkey says

    Interestingly he hits on the one glaring special exception for the diagnosis of psychosis. God belief and experience is specifically excused from the delusion and hallucination categories.

  5. says

    There is a big difference between batshit crazy and mentally ill. People who are batshit crazy have made a choice to be that way, they are the “pigge-ignorant greedy racist misogynist homophobic jeezus freak scumbagges” as you put it. You don’t have to be mentally ill to believe Obama is the evil, atheist, muslim, Kenyan son of Malcom X, you just have to have a compelling reason to want to believe it and being a racist, xenophobic, Christian Nationalist is sufficient reason to convince yourself that ridiculous and contradictory things are true.

  6. Toads says

    Jebus people! I come from a family of people who honestly fall into many of the categories described in the DSM-IV, Grayson wasn’t making fun of people who are diagnosed as mentally ill, only those who deny that their paranoid, schizophrenic, delusions aren’t diagnosable.
    It is a tongue-in-cheek response to real concerns of the so-called Christians, conservatives and Libertarians who spout one belief then go off half-cocked with ideas absolutely contrary to the definition of their religion or political ideology.
    Yes, I am bi-polar but only feel stigmatized when people make more of a deal out of it than it needs to be. Every stinking person is bi-polar to some degree, just some of us choose to accept our personality quirks and move on.
    Thanks physioprof for making me again feel uncomfortable about a condition that I had come to accept and even felt normal about.

  7. Kevin (NYC) says

    Grayson really is one of the good guys… I bet if you expressed concern he would agree and change his tone.

  8. Debra says

    It would appear to me that the person who wrote this blog is suffering from a episode of some form of Mental Illness. Those who point out others flaws do so to hide there own.

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