What Will The Christian Pigge People Do??

Will the delusional sicke-fucke evangelical christian pigge people hold their noses and vote for Romney in the general election, or will they stay home? In addition to being an evil cultist destined to burn in hell for not doing jeezus correctly, the only one of their gross character defects that Romney applauds and reinforces is their vicious greed; he doesn’t really make them feel good about their sick desire to kill fags, niggers, spics, and sluts like the other republicans do.


  1. Pope Bandar bin Turtle says

    Why are so many words on this blog misspelled?

    Witche worrddes in parrtcyoular aree you talkking aboutt?

  2. anon says

    If Ron Paul stays in the race nomatterwhat (as an independent), half the rightwing motherfuckers will vote for him and the other half will go for Romney.

  3. BugDoc says

    I really really hope Ron Paul stays in the race as an independent and splits the GOP vote. I’m still bitter after Nader’s futile campaign stuck it to us in 2000, leading to 8 years of government by wackitocracy.

  4. lylebot says

    My predictions:

    1. If Ron Paul stays in the race, he’s going to siphon off liberal voters as well as conservative because of his anti-war and anti-bank stances. He’ll also get a bunch of the ignorant independents that might’ve voted Obama otherwise. It’s not an obvious negative to Romney to me.

    2. The mainstream media will “respect” Romney’s religion by never mentioning any of the crazy things in the Book of Mormon.

    3. Romney will win the nomination, lose to Obama, and the pigge people will go even more crazy. I can hear them already. “You should’ve listened to us and nominated a real conservative!”

  5. Stevarious says

    They bible beaters will always vote for a white Mormon over a black man.

    As I’ve said before, a successful Herman Cain nomination would have resulted in a landslide for Obama, simply due to the load of southern republicans that would not vote at all.

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