Some Of My Favorite Blogges

I don’t maintain a bloggerolle, as it’s a pain in the fucken asse to keep up-to-date and no one uses them to find links to new blogges, anyway. But I thought I’d post links to some of my favorite non-famous blogges:

Tenured Radical
Roxie’s World
Reassigned Time
Notorious, PhD
Field Negro
Isis the Scientist
Aurelio Barattini
Behind The Stick
Capital Gains and Games
Captain Awkward
Blue Gal
We Are Respectable Negroes
Grumpy Rumblings
I Blame The Patriarchy
Kaz’s Underworld
Mark Fiore Animations
Zen Comix
Princess Sparkle Pony


  1. Martyn Hughes says

    Is this person for real?

    How, in the name of Dawkins do people continue to read this foul mouthed rant that passes for a blog?


  2. physioprof says

    You’re continuing to reade itte and comment on itte, so why don’t you tell us, dumshitte?

  3. grumpyrumblings says

    Hey I totally use blogrolls to find new blogs to read. Thanks for the linkage! We <3 CPP.

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