Fucke Hannukah

Hannukah or however you fucken speel thatte shitte in english can go fucke itself just as much as motherfucken christmas. Fucken candles and dreydels make me want to slit my own throat and those goddamn fucken songs are just as fucken bad as the motherfucken christmas ones. Their only redeeming quality is that there aren’t nearly as many of them, and there are many fewer fucken jews than fucken christians, so they aren’t playing the goddamn fucken hannukah song swill 24/7 non-stop everywhere you fucken go.

Although I do like a nice golden latke with sour cream, washed down with a healthy snifter of shlivovitz.

Fucke Christmas And Tim Tebow

I hate motherfucken christmas, and I can’t wait until I don’t have to hear that goddamn motherfucken grating christmas shitte music anymore until next fucken year, when the goddamn fucken shitte starts the fucke up again like a motherfucken goddamn clockwork of hell.

Oh, and by the way, fucke Tim Tebow too, with his goddamn motherfucken sanctimonious displays of his goddamn jeezus shitte. The only reason such a big goddamn motherfucken deal is made of his “faith” is because he’s a goddamn fucken white motherfucker. Black football dudes have been professing their stupid bullshit jeezus shitte for motherfucken *years*, and no one wanted to canonize them. But just because some big stupid lily-white asshole motherfucker does the same goddamn thing, it means something special? Because a bunch of stupid goddamn motherfucken racist white-ass jeezus freak shitteheads are suddenly impressed with what a “nice young christian man” he is? I.E., “not a goddamn nigger” like all those other jeezus freak football players?

Fusilli With Sausage And Broccolette


four bunches of broccolette
one pound fusilli
half pound sausage
third cup diced onion
six diced garlic cloves
salt and pepper
pinch crushed oregano
pinch crushed thyme
one cup dry white wine
one cup chicken stock
olive oil
two cups broccolette water
parmigiano reggiano (or other cheese) for grating

Cut off the bottoms (about two inches from the end) and boil the broccolette for about two or three minutes.

Drain the brocollette, saving two cups of the boiling water, and cut off the tops. Set aside some of the tops to break into little pieces as garnish for the plate.

Sautee the onions with black pepper, oregano, and thyme until they are starting to turn translucent.

Add the garlic and continue to sautee until it is fully softened.

Add the sausage, turn up the heat a bit, and continue to sautee until it is nicely browned, breaking it up well with your wooden spoon.

Deglaze with the wine, and reduce until the alcohol is all gone.

Add the chicken stock and broccolette water and continue to reduce.

Sauce is done! The richness of the fucken flavors is unreal! Salt to taste.

While the sauce is finishing reducing, boil the fusilli in salty water until it is very molto al dente. Add one cup of the pasta water to the sauce, drain the pasta, add them and the broccolette to the sauce, and finish for about two or three minutes on medium-high heat, stirring occasionally.

Plate, grate, and YUM!