I’m watching the Eagles game at Dallas, and after every play when they show the players on the sideline, they’re almost always looking up at the sky. So I’m thinking, “Jeezus motherfuckke! You’re looking up to motherfucken godde for help after a goddamn false start?”

Who knows the punchline?

UPDATE: Commenter “Silent Service” got the joke, which is that they were looking up at the replay on the huge jumbo screen hanging down in the center of the stadium. It took me about half the game to figure this out!

Male “Feminist” Hugo Schwyzer

I have always been suspicious of self-described “male feminists”. I wrote this on the subject over three years ago when I was guest-blogging at Feministe:

[W]hat the fuck is up with men calling themselves feminists?

I don’t call myself a feminist, because it’s not my call whether I am or not. It’s women’s call. I try not to be a fucking misogynist asshole and do what I can to reduce gender inequity in my professional and personal life, which includes trying to call out myself and other men on misogynist shit.

Making a big melodramatic display of tagging oneself with the “feminist” label seems like transparent male cookie-seeking at best, and cover for some seriously nefarious wackaloon shit at worst[.]

While I didn’t write that about Hugo Schwyzer, I have been skeeved out by that motherfucker for years. He is a self-described “male feminist”, and actually has built his entire professional life around preaching and teaching feminism to women, as you can glean from his blogge’s “welcome” page:

Hugo Schwyzer is an American author, speaker and professor of history and gender studies at Pasadena City College. He presents workshops on body image, sexual harassment, rape prevention, and the “myth of male weakness.” He is also a frequent guest on nationally syndicated radio programs and has appeared on CNN and CTV (Canada) as an expert on body image, sexuality and gender justice.

For information on booking Hugo, please click here.

Now I find out for the first time (also see the comments) (although this is not newly public information, just new to me) that over a decade ago the motherfucker sexually preyed on his students and attempted to murder his ex-girlfriend, as described graphically on his blogge:

I walked into the little kitchen only steps from where my ex lay. I blew out the pilot lights on our gas oven and on the burners, and turned the dials on everything up to maximum. I pulled the oven away from the wall, leaving the gas line intact, positioning it so that the gas was blowing directly at the passed-out young woman on the floor.

Schwyzer claims to be a “male feminist” and to have focused his life on feminism out of remorse and to make amends for his past grotesque history of woman-hating and violence, including both having sex with his female students and attempting to murder his ex-girlfriend. This opportunistic motherfucker is full of shitte.

If he really felt remorse for his past he wouldn’t be shoving his supposed feminism at women in gender studies classes, just like he used to do with his dicke. He continuing to surround himself with women and make himself the center of attention is for exactly the same motivation now that the subject is feminism as it was when the subject was him trying to stick his dicke in them.

And note that this has nothing to do with whether it is possible for someone to overcome a terrible past, feel great remorse, and make amends for past misdeeds. But it does mean that the reformed miscreant does not get to unilaterally define the terms by which genuine remorse is expressed and by which genuine amends are made.

If this lying sacke of shitte really felt remorse and wanted to make amends for his unimaginably grotesque past violent behavior towards women, the way he’d do it would be to stay as far the fucke away from any women as humanly possible. Schwyzer making amends for his woman-hating violent past by teaching feminsm to classrooms filled with young women is like a child molester making amends for his child-molesting past by teaching classrooms filled with little children how to protect their bodily integrity.

Dudebros Gone Wild

I never heard of this “Good Men Project” before, but Amanda Marcotte is involved in an interesting discussion with some of their members about the whininess of hetd00ds who don’t like being hemmed in by whiny bitchez and who attribute their discomfort to essential differences between men and women.

All these hetd00ds who blather on and on about how “men and women are different” are simply conflating that with their own personal male-female dynamic: I’m a self-absorbed immature hetd00d douchebagge and, while my self-absorbed immature hetd00d douchebagge d00dbros tolerate me silently, the women in my life tell me the truth about my self-absorbed immature hetd00d douchebaggiosity.