Dudebros Gone Wild

I never heard of this “Good Men Project” before, but Amanda Marcotte is involved in an interesting discussion with some of their members about the whininess of hetd00ds who don’t like being hemmed in by whiny bitchez and who attribute their discomfort to essential differences between men and women.

All these hetd00ds who blather on and on about how “men and women are different” are simply conflating that with their own personal male-female dynamic: I’m a self-absorbed immature hetd00d douchebagge and, while my self-absorbed immature hetd00d douchebagge d00dbros tolerate me silently, the women in my life tell me the truth about my self-absorbed immature hetd00d douchebaggiosity.


  1. captainahags says

    I was puzzled by this for a moment, then realized that hetdoods was not a misspelling of tehdoods, and carried on my merry way.

  2. julian says

    I don’t think you or Ms. Marcotte appreciate the usefulness of dudebros.

    After years of Axe body spray usage they become especially flammable making them into an amazing source of heat for lower income families (although there is the smell…) The amount of Axe absorbed into their bodies guarantees they will burn for weeks and there is an almost limitless supply of them!

    Truly they are a wonderful resource that should be embraced not maligned in such childish ways.

  3. F says

    No, no, it’s “douchebongaliciousness”, right? I’ll check with word police HQ.

    “Douchebaggiferousness” is awesome – the quality of bearing or producing douchebags. “The Good Men Project has a high/much douchebaggiferousness.”

    Sure, men take crap from women sometimes*. It just isn’t embedded, institutionalized sexism-based crap generated by women. Nearly any sexism crap men get from women is rooted in patriarchy, and guess which gender is responsible for that?

    *e.g., Being told by women that something a man likes is immature, while the women’s interests in this interaction are somehow immune to the same observation. This is an interpersonal dynamic, and not a culturally embedded weapon used to “keep men down” that is worthy of activism necessary to “reclaim” or “preserve” men’s “rights”. (Yes, those are scoff quotes.) If the observation is a more generic disapproval of a man’s level of maturity with respect to what is “expected” (not being a real man), this is a construction of a patriarchal culture. Men, past and present, are responsible for that, whether it is a fair expectation or not. PHMT, MRAs. Feminism is your best friend here.

  4. tinfoil hattie says

    Say! Did you know that Hugo Schwyzer is the “Sex & Relationships Editor” at The Good Men Project?

  5. msironen says

    Great stuff. Can we have the “Good Jew Project” or the “Good Nigger Project” next and then breathlessly follow the reactions of some prominent neo nazi blogger?

  6. Aquaria says

    an we have the “Good Jew Project” or the “Good Nigger Project” next and then breathlessly follow the reactions of some prominent neo nazi blogger?I’m a misogynistic and racist piece of shit who needs to go fuck himself.


  7. msironen says

    Eez funny I get blamed for the exact kind of bigotry I was trying to expose. I really didn’t anticipate being TOO subtle.

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