1. Beaker says

    If you want to be an inspired olde fucke, have a listen to “Hell Broke Luce” from the newest Tom Waits release, whereby three olde fuckes (Waits, Flea, and Keith Richards) demonstrate to the young-uns how it is done.

  2. says

    That explains why I just heard RHCP’s cover of “Fire” on my uni’s radio station (a station which normally sticks to things that range between adult alternative and alt country/bluegrass). Which was awesome except for now I realize I’m olde as fucke.

  3. daveau says

    No, the end times will be when Justin Bieber is inducted. Lots of great bands are overlooked for the RRHF. The place is a joke.

  4. mykell says

    I stopped caring about the R&RHoF in, oh, 1989.

    ’cause Dion was certainly the pinnacle of rock.

  5. crocswsocks says

    Official Sign You’re An Olde Fucke: You still care about the Hall of Fame, despite its complete lack of Kiss.

  6. Stevarious says

    I’m sorry, the RHCP? In the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame??

    They were fucking awful. Like, really, really awful. They had one halfway good song, Under the Bridge, and it didn’t even make it to number one. Californication was a terrible song with a clever name. Nothing else they did was even notable.

    And still no Kiss.

    I’d say they jumped the shark with this one, but I rather think they are going back and jumping over it again and again because for some reason nobody liked it the first time they did it and maybe it’s because everyone blinked at the same time?

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