Does Penn State Actively Condone The Rape Of Children?

Reading the grand jury report detailing the allegations against Jerry Sandusky and others at Penn State that involve Sandusky repeated practice of exploiting his status and access to the infrastructure of the Penn State football program to rape young boys, it is absolutely clear that the highest levels of the football program actively covered up–at worst–or recklessly turned a blind eye–at best–Sandusky’s rapes. He was allowed to continue to associate himself with the football program, and as recently as last week was on the Penn State campus.

For those who don’t understand how Penn State football operates, Joe Paterno–who has been the head coach for 46 years is the absolute monarch of that program, with absolute power. Regardless of whether he satisfied the bare minimum of legal requirements to report what he knew about the rape of children to his “superiors”–which as absolute monarch at Penn State, he really had none–he grossly failed to satisfy his ethical requirement to do everything in his power to ensure (1) that Sandusky was immediately and absolutely severed from any relationship with Penn State *and* (2) that legal and/or other action was taken to prevent Sandusky from continuing to rape young boys.

Everyone else at Penn State looked to Paterno as their monarch, and when he made it clear that he was going to do the bare minimum legally required about this, they all followed his lead. This included allowing Sandusky to continue to exploit his relationship with Penn State to prey upon and rape more young boys.

For Penn State to allow Paterno to take the field as coach this Saturday and to continue to coach until the end of the season constitutes condonement of child rape, and minimization of the grievous harm that Sandusky and Paterno by their actions have caused to who knows how many young boys. And note that deciding to allow Sandusky the continued use of the reputation and physical infrastructure of the Penn State football program to prey on young boys was an affirmative action by Paterno, not just inaction.

The only appropriate action Penn State can take right now is for the trustees to immediately remove the president of Penn State, to appoint an interim president, and to instruct that interim president to immediately remove Paterno as head coach and completely sever his connection and access to the football program and the Penn State campus. And by the way, the manner in which numerous Penn State students rallied in front of Paterno’s home in support of him was disgraceful. These kids need to recalibrate their moral compasses.