Google Reader Customization

Anybody who spends a lot of time using Google Reader absolutely *must* check out this userscript called Google Reader Absolutely Customizable for Greasemonkey. You can use this to customize just about any aspect of the appearance of Google Reader in your Web browser.

Here is what Google Reader looks like on my machine with the script turned off:

Here is what it looks like with the script on:

In addition to various checkboxes and numerical entry fields for adjusting specified parameters of how Reader is displayed, you can also type in CSS in to a text box that will be applied to the shitte. And if you don’t know jacke motherfucken dicke about CSS, you can post questions on the script discussion forum, and the script author, Dustin Luck, will help you figure out the CSS you need to adjust shitte to your liking.

Pretty fucken coolio, eh?


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