French Onion Soup

Is there anything better than a nice fucken bowl of onion soup with a toasty crouton and a fucketonne of gruyere and comte baked on toppe?


  1. Kate from Iowa says

    Hey…where’s the recipe?

    (My last attempt suffered burnt onions. Damn you, gas range hotspot!)

  2. Kate from Iowa says

    Thanks for the recipe Dr.Becca! Is there any food on Earth better or more versatile than soup?

    Hahahaha. That gives me an absolutely evil idea for the next family event thingie…an all soup menu! I must start working on that…

  3. sumdum says

    Sure is damn tasty. Though I really don’t like them smelly cheeses, I’d take mine with just plain baguette and dip it. Mmmm.. *drool a la Homer*

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