1. Pete says

    Ha ha ha! You suck so bad. First with the Yankees B.S. and now you’re a Bears hater (or an Eagles fan….which would make no sense)? How that working out for you?

  2. Pete says

    “How’s” is what I meant to write. My trolling will be grammatically-correct trolling, by god!

  3. blindrobin says

    The recipes are nice if a bit redundant (something farther afield might be interesting for you as well), and I still want to know how big a ‘can’ is, but if all you have to say other than ‘fucke their side’ or ‘huzzah for our side’ why the fucke are you here?

  4. lordshipmayhem says

    Funniest football play I ever saw was in a Bears game, back when William The Refrigerator Perry was playing. The play was something like a foot and goal, and the Bears ball carrier tried to break through the opponents’ line – and was stopped cold. Desperate for a touchdown, Perry grips the ball carrier up by the scruff of the neck and the waist of the pants and tries to throw the guy bodily into the end zone.

    As the colour commentators burst into laughter, tears streaming down their faces, yellow flags fly like the Fourth of July.

  5. Sxydocma1 says

    @blindrobin Go to the grocery store. Go to the aisle with san marzano tomatoes. Look at the cans. I would say a big can is 28oz.

  6. Aquaria says

    Some are 35 oz. 7 less or extra ozs of any ingredient will change a recipe entirely. That’s why you list the sizes, dumbass.

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