MY MOTHERFUCKEN GOOGLE READER IS ALLE FUCKED UPPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do I make it go back to how it was, and not display a big fucken blank shitter filling half the motherfucken screen and causing the actual READER SHITTE TO HAVE A HORIZONTAL SCROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!


  1. cholten99 says

    Yes, the new Google theme (not just for Reader but for calendar and, soon, Gmail) is terrible.

    That said – who they hell is this guy and why is he doing random lame posts on the same site as the likes of Ed, PZ and Greta?

  2. physioprof says

    Thanks for the input fuckebagges, but none of this explains why there’s a huge blank fucken white space filling the entire left half of my screen and squeezing the motherfucken content into the right half.

  3. physioprof says

    OK. The motherfucker is rendering reasonably in some old-asse version of Internet Explorer, but not in Firefox 3.6.12. Do I need to upgrade to new Firefox??

  4. Matt Osborne says

    Agents are go!

    Ok, sorry, but on a more serious note try emptying the cache or whatever it’s called that stores old versions of pages, doubt it’s that but it seems to be the first thing suggested in situations like this. Updating firefox might help. The text size most likely isn’t the problem but I’d try messing with it. Any add-ons that might be causing an issue?

    If all else fails, it’s working perfectly fine on google chrome for me.

  5. scottparrish says

    Considering Firefox is now up to 7. something, I think updating it will be a good start for the big white bar, it’s got to be a CSS rendering issue for older browsers.

    As for the rest of the new Reader changes, I feel the pain too. i don'[t mind the layout so much, but the thing is fracking slow on chrome, almost unusably so. I’ve seen 2 different rss reader projects start, but haven’t found anything I liked yet.

  6. Matt Osborne says

    It runs at normal speed for me, but I don’t really like the layout. All the white and the lack of clear borders just makes everything sort of blend together. The old design could of used an update but this went way too far, I just wanted a slightly better interface, didn’t need an entire redesign.

  7. says

    The big empty space on the left is obviously a bug. And yes, Firefox 3.6 is not really very current anymore so upgrading may be a very good idea.

    But the new Google Reader layout is pretty bad. You lose a lot of space to an unnecessarily “airy” design. I’ve left for now and trying the Feedly extension to Firefox. Not exactly perfect either but good enough until Google gets their head out of their behinds and fixes Reader again.

    The new GMail, on the other hand, works pretty well. No complaints there.

  8. gingerest says

    I am running Firefox 7.0.1 with Google Reader and I do not have a giant white space to the left. I tried to break my Reader that way and did not succeed (although I did discover a REALLY annoying thing called Google Reader Play that I will never use again.)

    Other than eyestrain from the sans-serify whiteness, it doesn’t bother me. It still seems to have the problem it used to with sciencedirect journals, where my feed will go insane and decide that I need the TOC for Fluid Mechanics Equations in the middle of Fertility and Sterility, but my suspicion is the problem there is sciencedirect uses some kind of shitty dynamic system to index their journals and it fucks up the RSS calls.

  9. physioprof says

    Yeah, fine. Now there’s fucken weird dudes with bandages on their heads, but the whole fucken thing is still off the right hand edge of the motherfucken screen, because the left half is an empty white field.

  10. wat says

    Update Firefox, and whitelist Google sites in NoScript. I can pretty much guarantee it’s one of those two.

  11. wat says

    For those tempted to hate on the new Google theme, slow down and look at it first. It’s exactly the same as the old one, except they took all the lines between items out and made a few other cosmetic changes. The functionality is basically unchanged.

  12. Retired Prodigy Bill says

    Wat — Google Reader, to which the original post refers, did lose some major functionality, the ability to subscribe to other people’s feeds and to post back and forth. A friend and former colleague, who at one time had root privileges at Google before moving on to Facebook, remarked that he wished he still worked there so he could ragequit in protest.

    He also said the Sharebros are building a replacement, which is gradually nearing completion, called Hivemined.

  13. wat says

    That functionality has been merged with Google+. It hasn’t been lost. It’s a major improvement over the scattered, fragmented way it used to work.

  14. Aquaria says

    I want to know how I can turn off that stupid preview thing. Anytime I move my mouse, I get an epileptic seizure-inducing flashing of garbage on the side whenever I want to go through the site hits. It slows down everything–I don’t give a flying fuck to look at some thumbnail of a page. I’ll fucking click and look at a link if it interests me. I don’t need Google to annoy the fuck out of me in the meantime.

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