People who tend to quit bloggeing are those who use bloggeing as a replacement outlet for one they wish they had in their “real” life. Those who persist are those for whom it is either a fun and rewarding hobby or for whom it *is* their real life (i.e., they make their living doing it).

Steve Jobs

(1) It is always sad when someone dies too young.

(2) Jobs was a hugely privileged rich motherfucker selling the lie that all you have to do is “choose” correctly–and buy the shitte he just happens to be selling–and you can be just like him.

The Myth Of “Drug Shortages”

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists has issued a “Drug Shortage Bulletin” for labetolol, a drug used to save people’s lives who are in the midst of a hypertensive crisis. According to the bulletin, reasons for the shortage include “manufacturing delays” and “demand exceeding supply”. Of course, this notion that there is a “shortage” of labetolol is total nonsense.

The free market for labetolol and other life-sustaining drugs is functioning exactly correctly. There is no “shortage” of any of these drugs. If the person who “needs” this drug was willing to pay enough for it, the free-market would ensure that it was available at that price. Thus, any patient who cannot obtain a life-sustaining drug to save their life deserves to die, as the efficient free-market has determined by setting the price and availability of the drug.