Congrats To The Cardinals And Their Fans!!11!

What an awesome way to win the World Series!!! Game 6 will go down in history as one of the most thrilling WS games ever. As a little kid, I was at one of the others–Reggie Jackson’s three-homer game–and it turned me into a lifelong die-hard Yankee fan. I bet there were tons of kids at the extra-inning game 6 Cards’ win that have now become lifelong die-hard Cards fans.

And what made me enjoy this Cards’ win even more than the exciting fashion in which it occurred was seeing the extreme disappointment of those disgusting smug fuckes Nolan Ryan and George W. Bush. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!


  1. ChasCPeterson says

    Agreed 100%; great game and Series, even though it played out in the middle of the country.
    Hey, remember back when Nolan Ryan was just a rookie third-starter for the Mets?
    Hey, remember when George W. Bush was the President of the Unit*koff*
    *koff koff*

  2. Chebag says

    What’s your beef with NR? Other than the fact he’s twelve times better than any limpdicke Yankee pitcher?

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