Clamato Saffron Risotto


one cup vialone nano rice
three cans chopped clams
olive oil
one cup crushed san marzano tomatoes
one half cup dry rose wine
quarter cup diced white onion
fresh-ground long pepper
small pinch dried thyme
small pinch saffron threads
crushed red pepper flakes
bay leaf
half cup grated pecorino moliterno
one tablespoon butter

Bring the juice from the clams (about 1.5 cups), the tomatoes, and water up to 4.5 cups total volume to a boil, toss in the bay leaf, reduce to a simmer and cover. You need to allow this broth to simmer until the tomatoes are well cooked before you use it to make the risotto. Figure at least a half hour.

Sautee the onions with long pepper, red pepper, and thyme (pulverize in your fingers) until the onions are starting get golden brown.

Add the rice and saffron (crushing it in your fingers) and continue to sautee for a few minutes, until the rice is fully coated by the oil and is starting to smell toasty.

Deglaze with the wine, and reduce with stirring until the alcohol is all gone.

Cook as usual, ladling in simmering broth and stirring, until the rice is very molto al dente. Remember that it will continue to cook even after you turn off the heat, so you need to turn off the heat several minutes before the rice would reach its desired doneness if you kept the heat on. Italians like to eat their risotto still with a little tiny bit of crunch in the center, and I do, too.

Turn off the heat, stir in the cheese, butter, and reserved clams, cover, and allow to rest for a few minutes. If you like the risotto more liquidy, you can also add some more broth at this point to get the consistency how you like it.

Plate, grate, and EAT ITTE!!!!!!


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