1. lordshipmayhem says

    As I have a cat in my life, I know: to them, you can’t sing well at all. Not enough “meow”‘s in the lyrics.

  2. says

    Well, my cat Hugo just doesn’t like music, but Oliver, the more meowy of the two, only appears to enjoy Ray Charles, Barbra Streisand, and Bruce Springsteen. (He meows along with them.)

    So the issue might be a “taste in music” thing.

    Or, you totally can’t sing.

  3. says

    Hell if I know. I’m guessing it just boils down to individual taste. I’ve seen cats rocking out to heavy metal, sleeping with classical music in the background, and… hey, I even had one that appreciated Weird Al.

  4. says

    Yup, #6 is right.

    One of the ways to bring my cat Hodge running is to sing. She’s fascinated by it, likes me to sing standing next to an armchair so she can vault onto the back and stare at me, joining in with the high notes.

    She is, in many ways, a weird cat.

  5. Martin says

    1) I can’t poke my cat without getting a face full of “fuck you” claws.
    2) I can’t sing for shit.
    3) When I “sing” “Wild Thing” to him, he joins in after every line.

    Cats are beyond human understanding.

  6. Mike says

    When my daughter was learning to play the violin,all six cats would join in standing around her howling.It was funny as hell.

  7. geocatherder says

    My cats seem to enjoy listening to my husband, a baritone, sing. When I start to sing (alto) they scurry away. But as for poking and prodding… when they’re in the mood, ALL attention is appreciated. When they’re not, claws, teeth, and walk-aways ensue.

  8. Pieter B says

    She is, in many ways, a weird cat.

    Cats is weird. It’s one of many reasons why we love them.

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