Mezze Maniche With Red Clam Sauce


one pound mezze maniche
three cans chopped clams
one large can crushed san marzano tomatoes
one cup dry white wine
half cup diced white onion
six diced garlic cloves
black pepper
pinch dried oregano
pinch dried thyme
crushed red pepper flakes
olive oil
pecorino moliterno to grate on top
chopped basil or parsley for garnish (I forgot to get some)

Sautee onions until starting to get translucent. Add the garlic, fresh-ground black pepper, oregano and thyme (crush in your fingers as you add), and red pepper flakes. Sautee until the garlic is fully soft, and just starting to become golden brown.

Deglaze with the white wine, and reduce until the alcohol is gone.

Add the tomatoes and the juice from the clams (should be about 1.5 cups), and reserve the clams. Cook on a low simmer until the tomatoes are fully cooked and tender to the bite, about 45 minutes. You want to reduce the sauce by about half, but not to a thick sauce, so cover or leave uncovered as necessary.

When the sauce is nearly done, boil the mezze maniche in salty water until they are very molto al dente, drain (transferring one cup of pasta water to the sauce), add the pasta to the sauce, turn to medium-high, and finish with gentle stirring for about three minutes.

Turn off the heat, throw in the clams, stir well, cover, and allow to rest for a couple minutes while you set the table, pour more cocktails, take a whiz, etc.

Plate, grate, sprinkle (yeah, I forgot), YUM!

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