Scientific Elevator Pitch

Other than a vanishingly small number of genuine creative geniuses who create entire fields themselves, what makes each normal scientist unique is the particular combination of conceptual and methodological approaches and scientific style we each possess. That combo and the unique synergies it enables is what a scientist’s elevator pitch must be about.


  1. says

    That was too long. I live in the midwest. Most buildings are short. You’ve got to be a LOT faster than that.

    Carrying around a chart or other helpful graphic helps.

  2. veganrampage says

    Feelin’ fairly genusiy myself as just espied a vid on U-Tube where none other than NOAM FUCKING CHOMSKY says what I commented on your old blog re Bin Ladin and how civilized countries bring criminals to trial ala Nuremberg and the effing Nazis. Yes, and we agree on sports too.
    I know you hate that sports part. No offense Comrade.

    If you want the link/proof I have it. Patting self on back. No,I don’t get out much or get affirmed much. Filthy job. Somebody’s got to do it.


    Hey-nice font/cartoon(will NOT use the word Av@t@r!)

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