Bands From The 90s

I am really loving Soundgarden and Cake right now. Candlebox and Creed and Weezer are fucken horrible, though.


  1. Nick Johnson says

    *Queue upset pothead rebuttal about Weezer and cake.*
    Cake makes me glad the 90’s are over. So i don’t have to ever hear them ever again.
    With former Sound Garden singer Chris Cornell’s last album being the most embarrassing thing ever, everyone else is glad the 90’s are over too :)

  2. omcdurham says

    I agree Creed was horrible, but I like Weezer and Candlebox.

    @Ms. Crazypants:

    Love me some Tool!

    Also a big fan of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Rancid, Alice in Chains (one of my favorites!), too many to list.

    Made the rigatoni dish you posted Monday: super delicious, although i substituted Italian sausage and regular ricotta, and goat ricotta and chipoltle sausage were not available near me…but it was deeeeelish!

  3. says

    I call tool “misanthropy rock”. I was into it in high school, but now… meh.

    I was all about the NIN, too (still kinda am). Hey remember Korn?

  4. says

    Isis, Sublime, while musically wonderful, is a bit hard on the misogyny.

    And cake does not go to my “waist”…it goes to me belly!

  5. becca says

    Smashing Pumpkins was my favorite at the time, but Sublime ages better (apparently I’m oblivious to musical misogyny).

    Both Weezer (old school) and Cake remind me of the exact damn same time/place, they are so incredibly linked to me it’s hilarious to like one and not the other.

    Creed can suck it (“My Own Prison” is among my least favorite songs of all time), and I’ve got nothing good to say about Candlebox though.

  6. Seatofmypants says

    I see my myself of something of a connoisseur of weird and wonderful cover versions of songs and if I was forced to choose a favourite, it would have to be I Will Survive by Cake :)

    And Chris Cornell is the greatest rock vocalist to ever walk this Earth!

  7. veganrampage says

    Got in tons of trouble for this one at blank site but I love Kurt Cobain’s music and songs. He was a budding feminist. Can give multiple examples.

    As Dylan told the Beetles, “listen to the words, man” and not the crap written about him by third rate authors trying to make $.

    Also saw Weezer at Smythe and they sucked hard. Was with a POC and security tried to frisk him, but I loudly asked/screamed why they were searching the only POC within a 25 radius and they ceased and desisted. We left 20 minutes later. Guffaw.Vomit.

  8. Katiesci says

    Motorcade of Generosity is still my favorite Cake album, recommended to me by my Deadhead sister back in the day.

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