1. says

    Having been recently married, I have found it to be imperative to keep an emergency supply of chocolate on hand as a self defense measure.

    That shit works.

  2. marella says


    I can’t help thinking that if my husband had had a similar attitude my early married life would have been a lot smoother! It’s been thirty years now so we managed but …

  3. Retired Prodigy Bill says

    I love pepper and chocolate combinations.

    One easy thing I do when the craving hits me is take some chipotle powder (I get mine from Penzeys) and add it to a cup of hot chocolate. (This is a particularly welcome combination when I have a cold.)

  4. noastronomer says

    +1 for Penzeys. I’ll have to try chipotle powder in hot chocolate. I usually just put mine in chili.


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