1. anon says

    It’s true – I’ve heard that retail stores that are doing well in the US are Dollar Stores (lower income) and super high-end (super high income). Everyone in between is tanking.

  2. Anonymous says

    What do you expect? America (and the rest of the west) has historically had a comparatively high level of consumer wealth because… well for no good reason really. Balance is going to be restored.

    People may be miffed about the way their standard of living is declining (and rightfully so with regards to the wall-street excesses etc), but in the big (global) picture, was their wealth really proportionate to any kind of real value to begin with?

    Want to maintain the good times in the US? Pump up the economy with printed US$ (and make sure to bomb anyone who doesn’t toe the line on using it as a reserve currency, lest its value drop in proportion to the increase in supply), and hopefully we can all muddle through for another generation or two…

  3. Anonymous says

    It’s probably worth following this all the way back to the press release ( which says a bunch of stuff:
    1. They are growing in China and overseas generally
    2. Their online business in the US is growing
    3. Some of their smaller brands like Athleta and Piperlime are growing
    4. They continue to reduce the number of “The Gap” stores

    This is precisely what you would expect from a mature retailer. Try to drive efficiencies in your core business while expanding with new technology, new brands and overseas.

    If you want a “_____ are taking American jobs” interpretation you should fill in “robots” not “Chinese workers”.

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