1. says

    Across in the home clubhouse, the Yankees were quiet. They had convinced themselves they would advance.

    ”It’s tough,” a choked-up Posada said. ”I really have no words.”

    I do: HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!

  2. rickfly says

    Fucken dumshitte Yankdick fans must be so fucken miserable right now!!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. jakc says

    And Mo Rivera threw 8 pitches in the series. Odd use of a guy who is supposed to be an HOFer.

  4. ChasCPeterson says

    Let’s go Tigs! (I guess. It’s pretty hard to get very excited about American League ball.)

    Mo Rivera threw 8 pitches in the series. Odd use of a guy…

    No, that’s his exact job description, right there.
    Throw a few pitches real real hard and bag credit for the ‘save’.
    So stupid.

  5. Midnight Rambler says

    Glad to see I agree with SC on at least one thing: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! The fuckin’ Yankees go down in flames in the first round again!

    Good to see the Tigers have some success for a change too, hope they go all the way; they’re not my team but it’s been too long.

  6. Chebag says

    Yeah, ditch this junk. The Minnesotans are kicking ass though! Read those blogs if you want insight and true skepticism.

  7. socle says

    That’s the kind of incisive, thoughtful commentary I’ve come to expect from this blog (end sarcasm).

    Get this junk off FTB.

    Option B: You could simply refrain from reading blogs you don’t like.

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