HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!

Fucken dumshitte Red Sock fans must be so fucken miserable right now!!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. says

    Dude, did you see September. This was a mercy killing – the humane thing. The Sox didn’t deserve to get in and we don’t deserve to have to watch them get swept in the first round.

  2. Hercules Grytpype-Thynne says

    I love the blogs at FTB because they invariably make me think.

    This particular blog makes me think, “what kind of compromising photos must Comradde PhysioProffe have of Ed Brayton or PZ Myers?”

  3. Hercules Grytpype-Thynne says

    “…compromising photos ..of Ed Brayton or PZ Myers?”

    I now hate you. Forever. For that image.

    Could have been worse. I could have written “Ed Brayton and PZ Myers”.

    Brain bleach on aisle 1.

  4. Midnight Rambler says

    Could have been worse. I could have written “Ed Brayton and PZ Myers”.

    That was how I read it at first…

    Anyway, re the OP: after blowing it that bad, the Sox really didn’t deserve to win, and the Rays did. Plus, it ended with a loss to the fuckin’ Yankees, so that makes it okay.

  5. scenario says

    I’ve been a Sox fan all my life and I’m not crying. They’ve been playing like crap for over a month and were going to get blown out in the first round anyhow.

    Their biggest problem lately is that their trying to win the old Yankee way, buy it. They can develop talent. They can trade for talent but they can’t sign good free agents. They keep getting expensive but soft players who are great when the team is up 9 to 0 but fold when it’s 2 to 1. At the end of the year they’ve got great stats but when you put them in a pressure cooker, they fold.

    The Sox management needed a good kick in the ass and they got it. They weren’t going to win this year but maybe this will get them to wake up so they’ll win down the road.

  6. Chebag says

    Are you people fucking nuts? Do you really take this stupid game seriously? Like any of it matters…grow up for fuck’s sake!

  7. scenario says

    I always crack up on people who say grow up to people who like sports. The only thing that is really truly important is getting enough food to eat, a safe place to live,and make babies and raise them to the point when they can live on their own. Most of what we do with our lives is not really necessary. If some people enjoy watching a game, why is that any different than 99% of everything we do? Most of what we do is just gravy in the long term.

  8. Stefan says

    I don’t care about sports at all…and I 100% agree with scenario ( not that anyone should care). Although – I cringed at the original post, I guess sports fans get that it’s all just good-natured ribbing.

  9. Chebag says

    hahaha, you go right on trying to tell yourselves that your jock sniffing “fandom” is equivalent to all other human interests beyond food and shelter…you aren’t even *playing* the game FFS.

  10. King of New Hampshire says

    Anybody can be a Yankees fan, but it takes a strong individual to be a Red Sox fan.

    Although I often wonder if Fenway and Wriggly are just grand experiments in community loyalty. It would explain ’86, for New Englanders, at least.

  11. NoAstronomer says

    Took my HS Senior daughter to visit colleges in the Boston area last week. My wife told her she wasn’t to come back with a Boston accent. I told her an accent was fine, but if she turned into a Red Sox fan then she should probably just stay in Boston*.


    * For the humor challenged that is what the rest of call a ‘joke’.

  12. lylebot says

    Anybody can be a Yankees fan, but it takes a strong individual to be a Red Sox fan.

    Yeah, it takes a lot of strength to be a fan of a team with an all-time winning record close to 52%, that has made the playoffs 6 times in the last 10 years (including two World Series wins), that has one of the biggest budgets in both leagues, that has featured some of the greatest players in baseball history, that has one of the most-loved fields in baseball, and on and on and on.

    Maybe you mean it takes a lot of strength to not be happy with the extremely good hand you’ve been dealt. Try being a Cleveland Indians fan. I can’t even take solace in my team’s name and logo not being racist.

  13. Pete says

    Good morning! It looks like there was a baseball game last night. Not to dance on the grave of the Yankees’ failure season, but, ahem:

    Tap, tap, tapitity tap, pause.
    Tap, tap, tapitity tap, pause.
    Tapity tapity tapity tap, Tapity tapity tapity tap,
    Tap, tapity, tap tapity, tapity tapity tap!

    Ta da!


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