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I was glancing drunkenly at my bookshelves, and I noticed one of my favorite books of all time. It is the 1983 paperback version of the famous 1979 Arion Press edition of Moby Dicke, set by hand beautifully in Goudy Modern, with illustrations by Barry Moser. When I was a freshman in college, I came home for Thanksgiving week with a nice juicy quarter ounce of fucken awesome weede. And I holed up in my room with the fucken weede, the Arion Moby Dicke, and a big purple bong. I stayed in there for three fucken days, and when I came out, fucke, I had devoured the booke and the weede. Transformative.

If anyone knows where I can get a copy of the original 1979 Arion Press edition, please let me know.


  1. spinynorman says

    That’s my favorite edition of one of my favorite books, too. Fuck, that’s enough to forgive the fact that you’re a fucking Yankees fan! I first read it while in grad school, rationing myself to a chapter every other night, so it wouldn’t end so soon. Just as you say: totally fuckin’ transformative.

    The original edition with the Moser woodcuts is a very rare book. Only 250 copies were printed and they sold for $1000 at release, in 1979. Abe books has links to two copies, one for $18,000 and one for $20,000. The hardcover edition from UC Press is still in print, I think.

  2. says

    If you hadn’t smoked that much weed you would’ve remembered where you left your goatskin bound volume which is now worth fucking $25000. You can get the “trade” edition from Arion press website.

  3. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    It took me a long time to understand the point of Moby Dick. It finally clicked when I realized the protagonist wasn’t Ahab, it was the whale.

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