Penne With Luganega And Tomato Cream Sauce


three fourths pound luganica
one pound penne
salt and pepper
crushed red pepper flakes
dried oregano
half cup diced onion
six diced garlic cloves
one cup dry white wine
one and three fourths cup crushed san marzanos
quarter cup heavy cream (plus a splash!)
three tablespoons chopped flat parsley (basil would go great, but we didn’t have any)
hard cheese for grating (we used tumi del trifulin truffle cheese)

This is luganega (also spelled luganica) sausage from Esposito’s Pork Store. It is italian sausage made somewhat leaner than regular sweet italian sausage, and it has no fennel. And since I had plenty of heavy cream left over, I decided to use itte!

Sautee the onions with cracked black pepper, crushed red pepper flakes, and a pinch of dried oregano.

Add the garlic and continue to sautee until the garlic is toasty golden.

Remove the sausage from the casing, add it to the pan, and sautee while breaking it up until it is browning nicely.

Deglaze with the white wine, and reduce until the ethanol is completely evaporated.

Add the tomatoes, stir well, turn heat to low, and simmer with the lid on for about twenty or thirty minutes, until the tomatoes are breaking down.

Add the cream, stir well, and continue to simmer on low with the lid off. Throw the penne into boiling salty water.

When the penne is very molto al dente, add one cup of pasta water to the sauce, and drain the pasta.

Add the drained penne to the sauce, turn heat up to medium-high, and finish with stirring for about two minutes.

Plate, grate, sprinkle, eat!


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    Can we please have the quantities of ingredients in normal units, for the benefit of those of us outside the USA who only ever learned grams and millilitres?

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